EXCLUSIVE: "America's Got Powers" Does Double Duty In April

In the world of reality TV, it's not uncommon for a program to air two episodes in one week to boost viewership and gain fan support. But in comics, doubling up on content is a rare beast.

That's why it's a bit surprising that today CBR News learned "America's Got Powers" -- the new Image Comics series from Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch -- will double up for its April debut. "We are pleased as punch to let you know that April won't just see the release of 'America's Got Powers' issue #1 by me (Bryan Hitch) and him (Jonathan Ross). It will also have issue #2, just fourteen days later," the artist explained. "That's right -- issues #1 and 2 of 'America's Got Powers' both out in April. The fact is, we just couldn't wait to show you the next issue, so we decided not to!"

Fans can expect #1 on April 11 and #2 on April 25. And the extra shot of content isn't the only piece of news Hitch was willing to share. "To help us make it extra special, our pals, legendary 'Watchman' and 'Secret Service' agent Dave Gibbons and the 'Superior' 'Supercrook' himself, Leinil Yu have joined the party and are each drawing variant covers for the first issue.

"The boys and I got talking a while ago and thought it would be fun to make a bit of a gang and do some groovy covers for each of our various books," Hitch continued. "I drew one for 'Kick-Ass 2,' and I'm doing one for 'Supercrooks' and 'Secret Service.' We all have super-cool sandboxes and thought we'd have each other over for a play. We'll share the results soon, but right now, a big thanks to Dave and Leinil for making 'America's Got Powers' two covers cooler."

In conjunction with the announcement, the artists who have recently signed on as part of Mark Millar's Millarwold initiative for the year spoke about the cover collaborative. Gibbons told CBR, "I'm really thrilled to be a part of 2012's wave of creator owned comics and trading covers with my pals for each other's books is a great way to celebrate!" And Yu added, "I would've sold a kidney or cut off my pinky just to have a Bryan Hitch cover on 'Supercrooks.' Instead, I only have to draw one for him in return. A pretty good deal!"

For all of Image's April releases, check back later today. And stay tuned to CBR in the weeks ahead for more on "America's Got Powers!"

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