EXCLUSIVE: American Gods Returns to Dark Horse for Second Arc

The American Gods TV show has been renewed for a second season on Starz, and now CBR has new details of the nine-issue second volume of the Dark Horse Comics comic book series.

American Gods: My Ainsel will launch this coming spring with the new subtitle bringing a new #1, and a scheduled release date of March 14, 2018. The creative team of writer P. Craig Russell and artist Scott Hampton are set to return, along with covers by Glenn Fabry and Adam Brown; plus variant covers illustrated by David Mack.

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Here's a brief description of the second arc, direct from Dark Horse: "American Gods: My Ainsel follows Shadow Moon and Mr. Wednesday as they continue their bizarre trans-American road trip to recruit reinforcements for the imminent god war."

The first arc of Dark Horse's comic book series based on the Neil Gaiman-written novel, American Gods: Shadows, launched in March of this year, written by Russell (who had previously adapted Gaiman's Coraline and The Graveyard Book) and illustrated by Hampton (who also had prior experience with Gaiman-created works, as the artist of Vertigo's Sandman Presents: Lucifer). As announced back in 2016, the American Gods comic is planned to consist of three nine-issue arcs: Shadows, My Ainsel and The Moment of the Storm.

"The first story arc of nine issues comprises about 200 pages of Neil’s novel, which means there is approximately one page of prose to one page of graphic novel, and Neil can get a lot into one page," Russell told CBR earlier this year. "So there is a lot of serious paring down, more than will be in the next two story arcs. There are times when whole scenes are pared down into two or three wordless panels. If done right the reader should have no sense that anything is missing."

A 264-page hardcover collected edition of American Gods: Shadows is scheduled for release on Feb. 28 of next year, featuring all nine issues of the first arc, along with extras including layouts, character designs and variants.

The American Gods television show debuted on Starz in April 2017, and is also based on Gaiman's 2001 fantasy novel. The show, developed by Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, received critical praise and was quickly renewed for a second season. Series stars Ricky Whittle, Pablo Schrieber and Yetide Badaki are slated to appear at an American Gods panel at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 5 at this year's New York Comic Con.

CBR has the first look at both Fabry & Brown's main cover for American Gods: My Ainsel #1, and the variant by David Mack.

American Gods: My Ainsel #1 main cover by Glenn Fabry & Adam Brown.
American Gods: My Ainsel #1 variant cover by David Mack.
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