EXCLUSIVE: Amazing Spider-Man's Kraven Refuses to Join the Hunt

Kraven the Hunter's specialty is, perhaps, self-explanatory. Throughout the years, the villain has hunted Spider-Man to the ends of the Earth. On one very notable occasion, he even bested the Wall-Crawler, briefly taking the hero's name for himself. Now, Kraven has corralled the Marvel Universe's animal-themed villains (and Spider-Man) into one place and, with the help of Arcade, has begun killing them off.

But in a preview for Amazing Spider-Man #19, Kraven refuses to join the hunt despite being perhaps the most skilled Spider-Man adversary in town. Instead, he leaves the dirty work up to Arcade's legion of remote-controlled minions, deadly drone robots piloted by blood-thirsty billionaires from a safe distance. Nonetheless, he reassures his son that his time on the field will come "soon."

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The preview also touches on Black Cat and Billy Connors' ordeal, with Black Cat seemingly devising a plan to slip away from their captors. Readers also catch up with Spider-Man, who was imprisoned inside Central Park with the villains, as he surveys the dead, coming across Gibbon, who perished at the hands of Arcade's drone robots by way of Vulture's deceit last issue.

Amazing Spider-Man #19 goes on sale April 10. Nick Spencer writes the issue. Gerardo Sandoval provides art. Humberto Ramos illustrates the cover.

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