EXCLUSIVE: Amanda Conner’s Vampirella Cover Process - And More

Although her run on Vampirella is one of the seminal incarnations of the character, Amanda Conner had never actually drawn a cover for the horror icon after its move from Harris Comics to Dynamite Entertainment in 2010 -- until now, that is. Dynamite Entertainment has given CBR an exclusive look at Conner's covers for Vampirella #7, Dejah Thoris #2 and Red Sonja #12.

All three of the covers show Conner's process from the penclining stage all the way through coloring and lettering. The first of the sets of covers below is for Vampirella #7, with Dejah Thoris #2 and Red Sonja #12 following, respectively.

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Conner served as Vampirella's regular artist from 1996 until 1998 and lent her talents to many books with the heroine before and after. In addition to Vampirella, Conner has worked with, among others, Black Bull Entertainment, Archie Comics, Marvel Comics and DC Comics, distinguishing herself with such books as Harley QuinnPower Girl and Gatecrasher. In 2014, she won an Inkpot Award and, earlier this year, took home a Joe Kubert Distinguished Storyteller Award.

Vampirella is currently being helmed by writer Priest and artist Ergün Gündüz.

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