EXCLUSIVE: Alex Ross Homages Jack Kirby for Avengers #4 Cover


SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains minor spoilers for "Avengers" #1, on sale now.

Mark Waid and Mike del Mundo kicked off their new "Avengers" title this week with some major revelations, including some that might literally rewrite the past. Is it coincidence, then, that Alex Ross' cover for "Avengers" #4 -- debuting exclusively on CBR -- looks to the team's past for inspiration?

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EXCLUSIVE: Alex Ross' cover for "Avengers" #4, homaging Jack Kirby's cover for the original "Avengers" #4

The cover, of course, homages Jack "King" Kirby's cover for the original "Avengers" #4, subbing in Spider-Man for Captain America, and updating the rest of the roster as well.

Jack Kirby's cover for the original "Avengers" #4

As Earth's Mightiest Heroes attempt to continue their battle with the time-traveling and history-manipulating Kang and his alter-egos, they will learn that the villains influence may spread further than they imagined. "One of the things we’ll find out is that Kang may have been responsible for more things in the Marvel Universe than you previously realized," Waid told CBR in a recent interview, so will Ross' cover end up revealed as less homage and more hint of how history will be re-written?

The answers will be revealed as Mark Waid and Mike del Mundo's "Avengers" unfolds throughout 2017.

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