EXCLUSIVE: Al Jaffee Covers "Garfield" #9 For BOOM!

BOOM! Studios has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at covers for "Garfield" #9, hitting stores in January. The issue features covers from the art team of Gary Barker and Dan Davis as well as an alternative cover by legendary "Mad Magazine" artist Al Jaffee. Barker and Davis' cover features Garfield and Nermal, while Jaffee's cover depicts Jon crafting a giant statue of the orange cat.

"I always wanted to make sure that when we did a comic book, we did it right," "Garfield" creator Jim Davis told CBR in May. "Other people were always wanting to do it their way -- basing it on TV specials or other books and things like that. It just wasn't true to the kind of stories that we could tell in the comic book format. Of course, Mark Evanier and I have been working together for 20-some years on the TV shows and specials. Mark over that time has probably put as many words in Garfield's mouth as I have because I think he's going on 200 half hours for TV with Garfield. And Gary Barker [and I] have been working on the comic strip together for well over 20 years as well. Gary is a wonderful comic book artist in his own right having done a couple of 'Hulks' for Marvel and countless other projects. So given the opportunity to work with BOOM! and to work with Gary and Mark, it doesn't get much better than that. I said, 'That'd be great,' and so the time has come."

Garfield #9

Writer: Mark Evanier

Artist: Gary Barker

Cover A: Gary Barker, Dan Davis

Cover B: Al Jaffee

What's Garfield's New Year's Resolution? More lasagna, more pizza, and never ever to wake up on a Monday! Our amazing team returns in 2013 to bring you two more ALL-NEW Garfield stories, and this time they brought along a friend: the legendary artist Al Jaffee, who draws this month's variant cover! Make sure to reserve your copy today!

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