EXCLUSIVE: Age of X-Man Omega Explains This Isn’t an Alternate Reality

Age of X-Man Omega #1 marks the end of Marvel Comics’ latest mutant-focused event, Age of X-Man. The event radically changed the Marvel Universe, producing a world inhabited by mutants and mutants alone. But what was the exact nature of the world? Was it yet another thread in Marvel’s vast web of alternate universes… or something else?

A preview for Age of X-Man Omega #1 answers that heady question through a bit of narration by the X-Man himself. As Nate Grey recalls creating this supposed utopia with the help of a Life Seed, he reveals that the Age of X-Man was, in fact, “a whole new plane of existence.”

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How exactly this differs from a separate universe is unclear, but it also doesn’t seem to matter. The preview shows Iceman befriending a child after a rock is hurled through a diner window. The boy, Solis, seems to have a power like Franklin Richards’, as he’s able to create stars and galaxies with nothing more than the power of his mind. Iceman buys shakes for the entire diner, proving heady concepts like alternate realities and planes of existence pale in comparison to simple human decency.

Age Of X-Man Omega #1 goes on sale July 17. Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson write the issue. Simone Buonfantino pens the interior art. Phil Noto provides the issue’s cover art.

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