EXCLUSIVE: "Age Of Apocalypse" X-Men Charge Ahead In Skottie Young Variant

Just because all of reality has been disassembled and patched back together by an omnipotent Dr. Doom in the form of Battleworld doesn't mean that its inhabitants can't smile and have some fun. That's exactly what Skottie Young's variant cover for "Age of Apocalypse" #1 -- which Marvel has provided Comic Book Resources with an exclusive first look at -- proves with it's colorful assortment of alternate reality X-Men, charging ahead to play in the fray.

As one of the dozens of new "Secret Wars" series, "Age of Apocalypse" #1 will revisit the hellish reality first created twenty years ago as part of the eponymous X-Men event. Series writer Fabian Nicieza, who played a role in the original "AoA" storyline, revealed in an interview with CBR why he thinks this particular dystopia has stuck around for decades.

"I think it's because it was such an expansive story," said Nicieza. "Up to that point, I think the longest crossover we'd done was the 21-part 'Galactic Storm' storyline in the Avengers family of titles. Wen you think about it, the original 'Age of Apocalypse' was an unprecedented publishing event. It took some massive cojones to convince the powers that be to stop publishing the best-selling comics franchise in the industry for four months and replace it with something so risky."

You can check out Skottie Young's variant cover below, and "Age of Apocalypse" #1 -- by Nicieza and artist Gerardo Sandoval -- ships in July.

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