EXCLUSIVE: Adlard Covers "The Walking Dead: The Board Game"

Feast your eyes on some brand new, exclusive Charlie Adlard "Walking Dead" artwork. No, it's not from Robert Kirkman's madly-popular Image Comics zombie epic, though it is obviously related. Instead, CBR News has your first look at artwork produced by Adlard specifically for the August-shipping "The Walking Dead: The Board Game," based on the comics. The game exists thanks to the combined efforts of Z-Man Games, To Be Continued and MegaGigaOmniCorp, who not only provided CBR News the exclusive debut of the artwork, but will also be demoing it live at this year's Comic-Con International in San Diego. While Adlard himself won't be at this summer's convention, CBR News asked him a few questions about creating brand new artwork for the game.

"It was all relatively easy, to be honest," Adlard said of the process. "The games company asked for some extra illustrations to go alongside the drawings they were already using from the book. I assume they wanted to use art that was all drawn by myself and not Tony [Moore] -- more for uniformity than anything else, I think. So I got a list of characters and situations to illustrate. I did them as I'd do the book -- penciled and inked them before anyone saw anything. Everyone seemed very happy with the result."

Speaking of Moore, Adlard wound up drawing a few scenes and characters that the first "Walking Dead" artist drew when the book launched back in 2003.

"[It was a] bit weird, obviously," Adlard said of redrawing Moore's scenes. "I slightly changed the settings and angles to make it more 'me,' to make it more inspiring to actually draw and not to just repeat the same drawing that Tony had done. But it worked out fine, and it was quite fun doing my versions of events I'd never depicted before."

The real question remains, however -- has Adlard had a chance to play the game that he helped create?

"Not yet," Adlard said. "I'm looking forward to the comp copy, though! Shame I'm missing SDCC, I could've challenged Robert to a game..."

"The Walking Dead: The Board Game" hits tabletops everywhere in August 2011

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