EXCLUSIVE: Adams Takes on Cyclops & Jean Grey in "X-Men" #5 Cover

Marvel Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at Arthur Adams' cover for "X-Men" #5 written by Brian Wood with interior art by David Lopez. The cover for the chapter 3 issue of "Battle of the Atom" gives Adams' take on original X-Men Cyclops and Jean Grey.

"Well, as you can already see in 'Uncanny' and 'All-New,' there's conflict galore, and 'Battle' amps that up quite a bit. My cast -- the cast of 'X-Men' -- is no exception, but that's okay," writer Brian Wood said of the crossover in April. "They aren't a traditional team in the sense of a formal structuring; they are more like friends who unite in the face of trouble. While they might have less team cohesion than say the [original five], their bonds of shared history and respect are very strong. It'll be interesting to see that tested. There is one character from my book in particular that will get a massive benefit from this X-over -- I don't dare say who or how -- but it was the one thing I wanted, going into that first writers meeting, and I made sure I got it. These are major, permanent changes I'm talking about."

Check out Adams' cover below.

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