EXCLUSIVE: Adam West on the Positive, Lasting Influence of "Batman"

After years of legalities preventing fans from getting their hands on an officially released version of the classic series, "Batman: The Complete Television Series" arrived in stores today, in all its re-mastered glory. And while fans are cheering the release of the long-awaited collection, perhaps nobody is more proud of it than the show's star, Adam West.

"What goes around comes around, right?" West told CBR TV in a recent interview. "If you can wait, and keep at it and have the persistence, sometimes it works out. With me it's worked out beautifully. You know I do these comic cons, maybe five or six a year, and get out there and know the people, make 'em happy, shake hands and listen to their stories. I get to know the audience and I think it's terribly important."

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In support of the DVD and Blu-ray release, West answered a number of questions about his time filming the show, and the effect it has had on his life and the lives of its viewers. CBR has the exclusive debut of a set of Q&A videos (conducted by the team promoting the release) in which West talks about the importance of bringing the hero to life the way he deserved, his belief that success would follow if he and his fellow actors did their jobs, the positive influence the series had on its viewers (as reflected in the fan mail he's received over the years) and the show's relationship to it's source material, stating, "We made a deliberate effort to pay homage to the comics."

Plus, be sure to check out CBR TV's full interview with West, conducted in early October at New York Comic-Con.

"Batman: The Complete Television Series" is available now, on Blu-ray and DVD.

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