EXCLUSIVE: 'The Oz Effect' Finale Arrives in Action Comics #991 Preview

Mr. Oz has done much to try and convince Superman to turn his back on Earth. He's nurtured global chaos, manufacturing situations where people are given the choice between good and evil, and relied on the failings of human nature for them to choose the latter. He's even managed to sway Superman's son Jon to his side with his plan to abandon Earth for somewhere known as Bliss, where people with all types of extraordinary abilities are free to live their lives in paradise and not hide who they truly are.

But when Superman steadfastly refuses to abandon Earth, Mr. Oz determines that if the Man of Steel won't act to save himself or his family, he will...

CBR has your exclusive first look at DC Comics' Action Comics #991, story and breakdowns by Dan Jurgens with pencils by Viktor Bogdanovic. In stores November 8th, 2017.

Action Comics #991

  • Dan Jurgens (w) • Viktor Bogdanovic (a)
  • Cover: Nick Bradshaw
  • Variant Cover: Yanick Paquette
  • “THE OZ EFFECT” part five! After being revealed as [REDACTED], Mr. Oz makes his last moves against the Man of Steel and his family and leaves the Man of Tomorrow wondering what other secrets and lies await him in the future as “The Oz Effect” comes to a close.
  • Rating: Teen
  • In Shops: November 8th, 2017
  • SRP: $2.99

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