EXCL: How Absolute Carnage Resurrects Long-Dead Spider-Man Villain Scream

It’s been a hot minute since Scream, one of Venom’s many offspring, was last seen on the page. Now, though, thanks to Marvel Comics’ latest crossover event Absolute Carnage, the golden-haired symbiote is back in action, seemingly raised from the dead by the symbiote god Knull and his latest zealot, Carnage.

A new preview for Absolute Carnage: Scream #1 details the villain’s return to the realm of the living, revealing that she was woken from her long slumber by a distant, but distinct, call to traverse a winding spiral. That same spiral has appeared repeatedly in Donny Cates’ Venom series and related titles, denoting those under the influence of Knull.

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What exactly Scream will be getting up to remains a mystery, as the preview quickly pivots to the travails of a mother and her two children, who are being pursued by another four-armed, spiral-clad red symbiote. Given that the shift is so sudden, it’s reasonable to assume that the next panel involves Scream in some fashion, perhaps saving the trio and, in the process, acquiring new hosts.

Absolute Carnage: Scream #1 goes on sale Aug. 14. Cullen Bunn writes the issue. Gerardo Sandoval is the issue artist and supplies the cover art.

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