Exclusive 25 Page preview of Top Cow's "Proximity Effect"

"Proximity Effect"


Back in March we told you a bit about a new three-issue series coming from Top Cow, Spacedog Interactive and Image Comics called "Proximity Effect." Today we're happy to bring you an exclusive preview of the comic. First off, the company says of "Proximity Effect":

"Throughout history, beings of great power have walked the earth, for the most part unknown and detected. Some have become historic figures, but few knew where their power came from. This is the story of one being, Lisa. Her power only works when she's near Caleb, who is her 'Source.' Caleb has the ability to give superhuman powers to those who are compatible and standing within 30 feet of him-The 'Proximity Effect.'

"Separated, Lisa and Caleb are merely human. But together, they can change the world."

What sets this project apart from other comic launches is how it's being published. The first two-thirds of the book will be made available online, absolutely free. The first full chapter goes online April 21st on the official Web site, with the second chapter launching May 26th. But to get the final chapter, you're going to have to visit your comic shop June 30th when all three issues, 96 pages total, are released as a single graphic novel. "Proximity Effect" sports a cover by Marc Silverstri, is written by Scott Tucker and Aron Eli Coleite, penciled by David Nakayama who's colored by Beth Sotelo. The graphic novel sports a $9.99 cover price. Promotional partners on this project include Peavey Guitars, Broadjam, Hardees and CFQ Magazine.

CBR News is happy to offer this exclusive 25 page preview of "Proximity Effect." Simply click the cover above to launch the reader. You'll need the free Macromedia Flash player to view this preview.

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