EXCLUSIVE: 2000 AD Prog 2137 Cover Commemorates New Judge Anderson Story

2000 AD has given CBR an exclusive look at the cover for Prog 2137.

The new cover, by Tula Lotay and Lisa Wood, commemorates the start of writer Emma Beeby and artist Aneke's new Judge Anderson story: "Martyrs." You can see the cover, the first two pages of the story and read the solicit for the issue below:

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2000 AD JUNE PACK: 2000 AD PROGS 2134-2137Incredible SF action from the Eisner-nominated UK anthology! New series ‘Thistlebone’ debuts this month, by TC Eglington and Simon Davis – a dark folk-horror chiller as the survivor of a cult is drawn back to the woods where something ancient and unholy is thought to dwell. Plus Gordon Rennie and Tiernen Trevallion return to the world of Absalom for the second book of ‘Terminal Diagnosis’, as the copper and his team prepare to face the terrors of The Mills and rescue his grandchildren from the demons’ clutches. In addition, fantasy saga Kingmaker, by Ian Edginton and Leigh Gallagher, comes its stunning finale, there’s a desperate battle against the Martians in Scarlet Traces: Home Front, by Ian Edginton and D’Israeli, and future lawman Judge Dredd tackles crazed cadets and temporal anomalies, courtesy of Rory McConville, Mack Chater and Siku!

In Judge Anderson: Martyrs, writer Emma Beeby (Mata Hari, Doctor Who) and artist Aneke (DC Comics Bombshells) give Mega-City One’s top telepath one of her toughest missions yet – to save her friend, the possessed Judge Karyn. Once one of the city’s elite telepaths, Karyn attempted to the malign Shadow King by drawing its spirit into her mind to be imprisoned – but the attempt went horrifyingly wrong and she is now half human and half vampiric demon! Can she be redeemed? Anderson certainly thinks so, but is her faith misplaced? The new series starts in 2000 AD Prog 2137, which goes on sale in the UK and worldwide digital on 26th June. Available in North America in the monthly packs from Diamond Distribution!

First appearing in 1980's 2000 AD #150, Cassandra Anderson/Judge Anderson was created by John Wagner and Brian Bolland. In addition to being a law enforcement officer, she possesses psychic powers and operates in the Psi Division of Judges.

2000 AD is a weekly science-fiction comics anthology. It was first published in 1977 and has released over 2,135 issues. The magazine has spawned a number of well-known characters, including Judge Dredd. Writers for the magazine have included such talents as Grant Morrison, Mark Millar and Alan Moore, while the magazine has seen artwork from Dave Gibbons, Jock and Frank Quitely. Characters from 2000 AD have made their way to all sorts of different media.

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2000 AD Prog 2137 goes on sale digitally and in the UK on June 26. The North America release follows in July.

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