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EXCL: [SPOILER] Joins Max Lord’s Team in Justice League vs. Suicide Squad

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EXCL: [SPOILER] Joins Max Lord’s Team in Justice League vs. Suicide Squad

There’s a seventh major DC Comics villain joining Max Lord’s team in the publisher’s upcoming “Justice League vs. Suicide Squad” event, and he’s a pretty big gun.

CBR has the exclusive first look (illustrated by Ed Benes with colors by Alex Sinclair) at the full line-up of evil-doers, which brings classic bad guy Eclipso into the ill-intentioned fold. The former Angel of Vengeance joins Maxwell Lord, the Emerald Empress, Lobo, Johnny Sorrow, Rustam and Doctor Polaris in making life a living hell for two of the DC Universe’s biggest super-groups this December. Each character has a word under their image, describing their personality and perhaps teasing their role in the first Rebirth event (the words also happen to spell out “suicide”). There’s also character-specific graffiti on the walls behind each villain, potentially hinting at which Justice Leaguer we should expect them to go toe-to-toe with.

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Under the guiding hands of writer Josh Williamson and first issue artist Jason Fabok, the titular teams will find themselves facing each other due to the machinations of some of the DC Universe’s biggest threats.

“I want to tell a big-budget disaster movie in the DC Universe,” Williamson told CBR in a recent interview. “It was interesting — there was this moment of pressure. You’re going to be doing this really big thing, it’s one of the biggest things we’ve done in a while, it’s the first big event of Rebirth. There was a lot of responsibility there… Once we started talking about the tone, we knew we wanted to something fun. Once that started circling around in my head, it became a lot of fun to write. There are a lot of characters, a lot of things happen, and it’s really big and really does encompass a lot of the DC Universe, and I think there will be some surprises in there.”

“There’s definitely another group of characters in the book that are crucial to the story, but just because they get along and the team up for a second doesn’t mean they’re going to be teaming up the whole book,” Williamson added, hinting at the then-unannounced cadre of villains we now know are part of the event. “Another catalyst is introduced to the series, and that catalyst puts a spin on things — puts a spin on the idea that they will get along. Will this other catalyst make them team up, or make them fight again? Maybe I’ve said too much. [Laughs] That’s the question: Does the other group make them team up, or make them fight more?”

“Justice League vs. Suicide Squad” #1 is scheduled for release on Dec. 21, with subsequent issues and tie-ins releasing on a weekly basis through January; with each issue featuring a different interior artist.

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