EXCL. PREVIEWS: New Pages from "Ms. Marvel," "Superior Iron Man," "Nova"

Each week AXEL-IN-CHARGE -- CBR's weekly Friday afternoon Q&A with Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso -- features not only his thoughts on the latest industry matters, but also a peek inside upcoming Marvel releases.

This past Friday's installment saw Marvel Senior Vice President of Publishing and executive editor Tom Brevoort step in for Alonso, with the E-i-C out of the office this past week. In the interview, Brevoort discussed with CBR News the genre diversity of the recently announced "Secret Wars" companion series falling under the "Battleworld" and "Warzones!" umbrellas: "We saw this as an opportunity to do some stuff that is sometimes difficult for us when it's just launched as a virgin thing -- some projects that play more with genre, like the Garth Ennis-written 'Where Monsters Dwell,' make a little more sense and have a little greater chance of being noticed maybe than if it was just a thing unto itself."

As always, the column included plenty of previews of art from upcoming Marvel releases -- including artist Takeshi Miyazawa's pages from the G. Willow Wilson-written "Ms. Marvel" #13, scheduled for release on March 11.

"Superior Iron Man" #6 -- featuring the continued adventures of a morally inverted Tony Stark -- is also out on March 11, and CBR previewed three pages from the issue, written by Tom Taylor and illustrated by Laura Braga.

The Tom Brevoort takeover special edition of AXEL-IN-CHARGE also contained a look at the forth coming "Nova Annual" #1, featuring writer Gerry Duggan pairing Sam Alexander with another Marvel hero under his watch -- the Hulk. Here are pages by artist David Baldeon, with the annual out on March 11.

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