EXCL. PREVIEWS: "Captain Marvel" #2 Pages and More From Marvel

Each week, AXEL-IN-CHARGE -- CBR's weekly Q&A with Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso -- includes the first looks at brand-new Marvel art from upcoming releases. This week's edition included the debut of incoming "Captain America: Steve Rogers" artist Jesus Saiz's pages from "Avengers: Standoff - Assault on Pleasant Hill Alpha" -- the opening installment of the Avengers crossover that is set to both place Steve Rogers back in the role of Cap and launch a new "Thunderbolts" series. Plus, the first look at new Kris Anka interior art from "Captain Marvel" #2, and a variant cover for that same issue by Phil Jimenez. In case you missed it, here's all of that new art rounded up in one place -- "Avengers: Standoff - Assault on Pleasant Hill Alpha" is scheduled for release on March 2, and "Captain Marvel" #2 is scheduled out on Feb. 3.

AXEL-IN-CHARGE: Inside Steve Rogers' Captain America Return, Reviving "Thunderbolts"

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"['Captain Marvel' writers] Tara [Butters] and Michele [Fazekas] have repositioned Carol for bigger things in the Marvel Universe -- within her own series and, of course, in the upcoming 'Civil War II,'" Alonso said in this past Friday's AXEL-IN-CHARGE. "It's fortuitous that we find ourselves here; the fact that Captain Marvel now presides over Alpha Flight paved the road for her to play such a big role in our next event, and it will really move her into the foreground of the Marvel Universe. Carol is going to go head to head against Tony Stark."

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"Jesus is somewhat overlooked," Alonso told CBR. "In 'Standoff Alpha,' his work reaches an entirely new gear that will take people by surprise. Once you see the 'Alpha,' you'll see immediately why he's taking on the Steve-Cap series."

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