EXCL. PREVIEW: In Jack Kirby 100: The New Gods Special #1 Orion Faces His Darker Side

When Kalibak forcefully takes over the Bug colony, Forager seeks the aid of the New Gods Orion and Lightray to help save his people! Will they stop Kalibak in time before he turns New Genesis into another Apokolips?

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CBR has your exclusive first look at DC Comics' Jack Kirby 100: The New Gods Special #1, written and illustrated by Shane Davis. Also featuring a backup story written and illustrated by Walter Simonson, and some reprinted tales of Lonar of New Genesis by Jack Kirby himself! In stores August 2nd, 2017.

Jack Kirby 100: The New Gods Special #1

  • Shane Davis & Walter Simonson (w & a)
  • Cover: Shane Davis
  • In a feature length story, Orion and Lightray must come to the aid of Forager and his people, as Kalibak has established a brutal dictatorship over the Bug colony. In confronting his evil brother, Orion faces the darker side of his own nature. And, in a back-up story, master comics writer/artist Walter Simonson tells a tale of a young Orion and his friend Seagrin. Also includes a reprint of a classic New Gods tale by Jack Kirby!
  • Rating: Teen
  • In Shops: August 2nd, 2017
  • SRP: $4.99

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