Excited for Avengers vs. X-Men? Try <I>Splash Vs. Clean</I>

Before Civil War, Avengers vs. X-Men and other epic confrontations, an enterprising video game artist named Robin Keijzer might have outdone them all with Versus.

Discovered on the self-publishing site Ka-Blam, Versus is a comic series the Netherlands-born artist created to pit strange and unique characters against each other. It's first issue pits two characters, Splash and Clean, in a face-off against one another in a compact done-in-one story. Splash (seen at right in the top) is a goldfish that has the ability to form water in a body around him, while Clean is a robot made from a washing machine that is, well, drunk. Originally released in December 2010, there's no word if the artist has future issues planned but this issue by itself is a find indeed.

Versus a fun-looking book remiscient of Scud The Disposable Assassin mixed with the kinetic energy of Skottie Young or Ben Caldwell. You can order the book from Ka-Blam, and find out more about the artist at Keijzer's website.

Here's two pages from Versus to get you into it.

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