Excelsior! There's finally a bearded Stan Lee action figure

Stan Lee has had his fair share of action figures over the past several years, from Hasbro's Marvel Legends to NECA's Simpsons line. However, I'm pretty sure Go Hero's is the first to feature the Man's elusive beard.

Lee sported the beard in the early 1970s and again in the 1990s, and now he can once more with this limited-edition 1/6th-scale collectible figure, which comes with interchangeable heads (one with beard and one without, naturally), two pairs of glasses, two rings, a watch, four interchangeable hands, and a handkerchief.

Available for preorder, the figure is limited to just 1,000 units, which probably explains the $250 price tag. But with the beard, it's certainly worth it.

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(via Go Hero)

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