10 Excellent My Hero Academia Cosplays You'll Love

The smash-hit new anime My Hero Academia has taken the world by storm, and the show's three seasons enjoyed strong viewership. Now, season 4 is right around the corner, and everyone is ready to see their favorite characters jump into the action once again.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of skilled and devoted cosplayers out there who really bring the characters to life. Like many shonen titles, My Hero Academia has a dazzling and diverse cast of heroes, villains, and everything in between. A great cosplayer will know the right materials and clothes to become the character, not to mention a wig or hair dye, contact lenses, facial markings, and of course, a cool pose with a nice background. Let's look over some of the best My Hero Academia cosplayers out there.

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10 Himiko Toga

First up is one of the most fascinating villains in the show, the shapeshifting Himiko Toga. This cheerful but vicious girl looks like an innocent high schooler at first... until she cuts someone up and revels in their blood! Himiko is a killer who wants to "become" her idol Stain, and this cosplayer does a fine job capturing her cruel side. Just what insane thoughts is Himiko having, licking the blood and looking away like that? The costume is spot-on, too, especially the red eye shadow, the eye color, and the messy blonde hair buns.

9 Hero Izuku Midoriya

Now we get a cosplay of the show's main character, Izuku Midoriya, and in full costume, too. Izuku is striking a pose and bracing himself for some serious combat, by the looks of it, and the special effects for One For All are remarkable. It's like the show really came to life! The material for the costume is just the right color and design, and the wig is the familiar shade of green we all know and love. The vague, ambiguous background helps keep all attention on the hero student in this photo.

8 Shoto Todoroki

This is another cosplay of the students in Hero Class 1-A, and the half-hot, half-cold hero Shoto Todoroki is looking good. The cosplayer opted for the UA school uniform for this photo, complete with Shoto's trademark white boots (with some modest heels, too).

Not only are the outfit and the wig closely accurate to the character, but some lens flare effects bring his dual-nature quirk to life! If this were real, that quirk would be dazzling enough so you'd need shades. The charming garden and rocks in the background make for a nice touch, too.

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7 Shota Aizawa

The students of Hero Class 1-A often take center stage, but the teachers can be great fun for cosplayers, too. The grouchy but almost fatherly Shota Aizawa makes for a fine costume, and this cosplayer has Mr. Aizawa's combat prowess and attitude refined just right for this photo.

Like some of these other photos, special effects are added to make his quirk (Erase) seem alive, and it's scary! It's hard to see, but this cosplayer made sure to add Aizawa's goggles (half hidden in the scarf), and his facial hair looks just the right length. It's easy to cosplay that... just don't shave for a few days.

6 Momo Likes Kirishima Now

Time for a group photo! Everyone knows the popular Internet meme where a man turns around to check out a young woman in a red dress, and why not try that in the world of My Hero Academia cosplay? This time, it's the lady who's getting ideas, and maybe she got tired of the popular Momo/Shoto pairing the fans talk about.

Now Momo's in the mood for a little Eijiro Kirishima! All three cosplayers are looking good, from Kirishima's excellent physique (heroes need to be in shape!) to the patterns on Momo's costume. If you look closely, it almost seems like Shoto is equally impressed with Kirishima...

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5 Mirio Togata

The "Big Three" are the top three students at UA, all of them upperclassmen. Possibly the most notable one is Mirio Togata who, according to Aizawa, is the #1 choice to replace All Might. This cosplayer captured Mirio perfectly, including the fabric and details of his costume, such as the gold "1,000,000" on the chest. Mirio calls himself "Lemillion" since he wants to save one million lives as a hero.

The face is just right, too, since this cosplayer mastered Mirio's goofy but tough expressions and his funny eyebrows. And the hair looks just right too, with Mirio's distinctive cowlick blond hair.

4 All For One

It's time for another vilain cosplay, and this one will chill you to the bone! All For One is a scary guy for sure, and this cosplayer captured every last detail about this supervillain. The prosthetics for the head look like movie quality, and it's an eerie but masterful effect.

On top of that, we get All For One's black suit and some medical tubes and wires to keep him alive, and his cruel smile is downright terrifying. Meanwhile, the all-black background keeps all focus on this character and lends the photo a sense of mystery. A movie poster for a live-action MHA movie would be hard-pressed to beat this.

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3 Hero Killer Stain

Another villain joins this list of cosplayers, and it's another winner. Now we get the hero killer stain who, unlike All For One, has a retro 1990s comic book look. Some elements of the TMNT heroes are mixed in, but there's nothing goofy or funny about Stain!

This cosplayer has all the details on the costume just right, down to a watch on his wrist, a knife, and his ragged scarves flaring out in the wind (maybe held up with thin wires?) Plus, this cosplayer has some beefy arms, to match Stain's own tough physique. Finally, the background is a grungy urban setting with eerie orange lighting, just right for a villain like this.

2 All Might

It's time for the world's top hero! Fitting for a Superman analog like All Might, this cosplayer opted to have a photo shoot on a rooftop. Don't forget that early on, Superman's powers included leaping over buildings in a single bound (later changed to flight).

Just being up here gives the cosplayer a sense of flight and power, and it helps that his cape is fluttering just right. The wig is spot on, too, and the two hair-horns are sticking up nicely (no wilting or anything). The cosplayer's heroic pose and his perfect gentlemanly smile round out this cosplay to the finest detail.

1 Mt. Lady

The list concludes with another pro hero. In this case, it's the one and only Yu Takeyama, or Mt. Lady! She's one of the first pro heroes seen in the anime, and this young woman can grow into a giant at a moment's notice.

The cosplayer went all out to include that effect, and you could swear she really was 100 feet tall. The somewhat hazy and foggy effect compared to the hero makes her stand out as the main focus (being closer to the camera), and the costume looks just right, form-fitting and quality material. The hair and mask are just right, too.

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