Captain Britain Has a Baby When Excalibur Returns in 2018

Fan-favorite mutant team Excalibur will make its Marvel Legacy debut in 2018, courtesy of Marc Guggenheim, Leah Williams and Alitha E. Martinez.

Rachel Summers, Captain Britain, Meggan, Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler and possibly even Widget will reunite in the pages of X-Men Gold Annual #1, along with a new member of the team. It appears as though Brian Braddick and Meggan have a new baby!

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“Since the launch of ResurrXtion, fans have been wondering when the classic Excalibur team would come together again,” editor Chris Robinson said in a statement. “With this Annual, Marc, Leah, and Alitha have painstakingly put together a love letter to them and the classic series we’re all still talking about!”

The England-based Excalibur debuted in 1987, starring in a deluxe edition one-shot before the team landed its own ongoing series in 1988. The annual's cover art, illustrated by Excalibur co-creator Alan Davis, homages the first issue of the team's original series from co-creators Chris Claremont and Davis.

X-men Gold Annual #1 cover art by Excalibur co-creator Alan Davis

X-men Gold Annual #1, written by Marc Guggenheim & Leah Williams, with art by Alitha E. Martinez and a cover by Alan Davis, arrives in stores in January, 2018.

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