"Ex Machina" #1 Sells Out

Official Press Release

"...Seamlessly blends the political drama of The West Wing with super-hero deconstruction and quirky Big Apple history to craft one satisfying read that'll be the talk of the comics campaign trail." - Wizard

"The combination of the red-hot writer of Y: THE LAST MAN and the original artist of STARMAN promises a great read and it definitely delivers."- Variety.com

One of the summer's most highly anticipated debut issues, EX MACHINA #1 (APR040356), has sold out at DC Comics. The new, ongoing WildStorm series is written by Brian K. Vaughan with art and covers by Tony Harris & Tom Feister.

"Thanks to everyone at DC/Wildstorm for being brave enough to publish challenging, potentially controversial work," says Vaughan. "Thanks to the readers, retailers, and reviewers for being cool enough to support new characters and creator-owned stories, and thanks to Tony, Tom, and (colorist) J.D. Mettler for putting together the best-looking comic on the stands. EX MACHINA is an absolute dream project for me, and I look forward to chronicling all four thrilling years of Mayor Hundred's first (and last?) term in office."

"This is the book to be reading in 2004," says Harris. "EX MACHINA isn't high-brow, it isn't low-brow - it's a book for the people. Action, super-heroes, political intrigue, drama, romance - it runs the gamut, and doesn't ever insult your intelligence, while completely entertaining you. You will get nothing short of the "A" game from Brian, Tom, J.D. and myself! We would like to thank everyone who has made this book such a success, and we look forward to welcoming new readers to the EX MACHINA family."

"When Brian pitched EX MACHINA to me in a Korean barbecue joint in New York a few years ago, I really liked how offbeat and quirky it seemed," says Jim Lee, WildStorm's Editorial Director. "Who would have guessed that fans and retailers would love political high drama along with their super-heroic fisticuffs? Well, actually, Brian, Tony, Tom and J.D. knew, and we are all the luckier for it. The fact the book is selling out on heavy reorders should come as no surprise... this has become THE book of 2004."

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