INTERVIEW: The Defenders Blend Action, Horror & Satire in The Best Defense

[Laughs] Nice! Al, you bring everyone back together in Defenders: Best Defense. Going back to what we talked about earlier, I imagine part of the fun of this issue was the characters and dynamics. So, which Defenders are you especially enjoying writing in this one-shot?

Ewing: Namor is obviously a ton of fun -- he had a lot of very dry, quite arch humor that didn’t end up making the cut for space reasons, which is a sign that I was enjoying writing for him too much to think about practicality. Strange is our linchpin in a lot of ways, and the narrator for the final issue. He’s a man of hidden depths, dark secrets and moral compromises, which is always good. With the Surfer, I got to go cosmic briefly again. It was nice writing Galactus again, too. I like where Jason’s gone with him, but there was that moment I had to sort of let him go and bid him farewell, because my time with him is over, so it was slightly bittersweet too, in a nice way. I think I gave him a decent goodbye in the end. I know where he goes next is going to be amazing, and I’ll be right there in the front row with the popcorn.

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Doctor Strange art by Greg Smallwood

Finally, your Immortal Hulk collaborator Joe Bennett is drawing Defenders: Best Defense. Joe is an incredibly versatile artist, and regularly shows off how great he is at horror on Immortal Hulk. Will we see more of that from him here? What can you tell us about the tone and feel of this final chapter?

Ewing: There’ll be some horror elements, but the fun thing about this is that Joe’s going to be in a completely different wheelhouse for this. Or several different wheelhouses, because it’s action and adventure and cosmic stuff and satire and fantasy and, yeah, a bit of horror, too. All of which I’m sure he’ll pull off with aplomb. It’s our attempt to capture some of that Defenders magic, and Defenders was never one thing.

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