Ewing & Davis Add "Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders" to the "Secret Wars" Mix

Marvel has taken the lid off of yet another "Secret Wars"-related series, with Blastr announcing the two-part "Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders," from the creative team of writer Al Ewing and artist Alan Davis. The series stars Faiza Hussain -- a character introduced in 2008 by Paul Cornell and Leonard Kirk in the "Captain Britain and MI: 13" series -- and again places her in the role of Captain Britain, a title she previously held during the "Age of Ultron" event.

"I just wanted to give Faiza-Cap another go in the spotlight," Ewing, who wrote the "Avengers Assemble" storyline where Hussain became Captain Britain, told Blastr. "It was a bit sad for me that, because of the date the issue in question dropped, her timeline had already been erased when she got the title. So, since I had the opportunity on Battleworld to revisit old timelines and alternate universes, I figured that'd be one to come back to for another visit."

The series will take place on the border between two Battleworld territories -- Mondo City, inspired by Mega-City One from "Judge Dredd" lore, and Yinsen City, introduced by Ewing in "Iron Man: Fatal Frontier." Beyond Hussain, the team will also include White Tiger, Kid Rescue, Hobie Brown (better known as Prowler) and She-Hulk.

This is the second "Mighty" Marvel series from Ewing, who also writes "Captain America and the Mighty Avengers." It's also a re-teaming of Ewing and Davis, who collaborated on "Avengers: Ultron Forever," scheduled to debut in April.

"I don't think there's anything in my pitch that contradicts anyone else's, so I can just go off and have fun and produce a really fun, warm, beautiful book that hopefully 'Mighty Avengers' fans -- as well as fans of everyone else involved -- will love," Ewing said.

"Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders" is scheduled to debut in July.

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