EW Sneak Peek at the X-Files #0 Comic

Entertainment Weekly has a few pages up of the comic book DC is doing to tie in with the X-Files movie (that's out really soon, right?).

Check it out here.

A new X-Files comic book, done Buffy Season 8 style, would be pretty cool.

Heck, a lot of canceled TV series would be great, Buffy Season 8 style.

In fact, this has now, totally stream of consciousness style, become a Top Five Month entry!!

Enjoy the top five canceled TV series that I can think of off the top of my head that would work great, Buffy Season 8 style!

5. Hercules and/or that Jack of Hearts show

Xena is doing it (sorta), so should those shows!!

4. Hill Street Blues

That's basically what Gotham Central was, so you know it could work as a comic!

But Gotham Central didn't sell, so this probably wouldn't, either.

3. Alias

Almost had a comic while it was on the air, really should have a comic now that it is OFF the air.

2. Twilight Zone

Okay, so it really wouldn't be Buffy Season 8 style, per se, but darnit, how cool would a Twilight Zone comic be? There seems to be no room for anthology stuff like this on the market, but if you match it with the Twilight Zone brand name, I think you might have something! Jonah Hex has been able to get great artists to do one issue, so apply that same concept to this!

1. Quantum Leap

How this isn't a comic already while everything else is is beyond me.

That's my list (strictly off the top of my head, except Quantum Leap, which is totally solid)! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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