Evolution X-Celeration: Lowe Talks X-Books Post "Messiah CompleX"

Change has been a constant factor in the lives of Marvel's Merry Mutants and in 2008, following the conclusion of the "Messiah CompleX" storyline, things will change for the entire X-Men line as some books come to end and three new titles launch. CBR News spoke with Editor Nick Lowe about the coming changes.

Past event stories have shaken the status quo of the various X-teams to the core, but Lowe promises "Messiah CompleX" will deliver shocks that will hit the top end of the Richter Scale. "Messiah CompleX has a huge impact on all things X," Nick Lowe told CBR News. "I hate to sound like a marketing machine, but it really does change everything. There's not an X-Book that doesn't change after it. Well, the ones that make it through, anyway.

"One of Axel Alonso's main goals when he came in as Group Editor was a simplification of the books in the X-Line. And I think people will be really pleased when they see what happens out of 'MC.' It's a clearer, simpler X-Universe. But that happens when you kill most of your characters."

Lowe wasn't about to reveal which X-characters escape the looming double dooms of death and/or cancellation, or what the line-ups of any of the X-Books will be post-"Messiah CompleX." "All bets are off," Lowe said. "Some stars of the books won't be around in February."

Books may be cancelled and certain characters are headed for long dirt naps, but that doesn't mean any writers will be ending their association with the X-Office. "We love what our current crop of writers are doing and this isn't something we did to bring in all new talent and change everything," Lowe explained. "This is just a house-cleaning ideologically."

However, the X-Offices will welcome a new face soon when "Wisdom" and "Doctor Who" writer Paul Cornell takes over "Excalibur." "Its' going to be a very distinct book," Lowe stated. "I want to keep the other details about it top secret for now."

Lowe also had to be careful with the details he divulged about the new books launching in the aftermath of "Messiah CompleX." "I will say this: It will be a mixture of team books and solo books and books that aren't either of those things. We have been carefully planning the launches and relaunches to work story-wise and marketing-wise. One character, in particular, was screaming to Axel in his dreams to have his own book. That one is probably my favorite coming out of 'Messiah CompleX.'"

After "Messiah CompleX," the X-titles - both the remaining and the newly launched ones - will tie together in a way that makes things much easier for fans. "They are all required reading, but each one will be independent, as well," Lowe explained. "After the crossover, the books that will still exist will be back to their self-contained glory, but the X-Side of the Marvel U will be consistent and clear. It's not going to be: This team wears blue costumes and the other wears yellow. Each book will be distinct and different with a clear mission statement that is easily explained."

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