When Morrison and Millar Almost Had Professor X Destroy the Universe

In Nothing Was Delivered, we look at announced comic book projects that never came about. We'll try to find out WHY they didn't come out. I'm sure you all know tons of examples of comic book projects like these, so feel free to write me at brianc@cbr.com to tell me some for future columns.

Today, we look at a pitch by Grant Morrison and Mark Millar for a story that involved Professor X turning evil a year before Onslaught, which, you know, basically involved Professor X turning evil!

The great Scott Braden revealed it all in Overstreet Fan #18 (I featured it in a Comic Book Legends Revealed back in...2006? Can that be true?).

The concept of Grant Morrison and Mark Millar's pitch for Marvel Tales: End of the World is that Professor X would become corrupted by a flaw in Cerebro's programming. The two would merge into a super-powerful being known as the X-Terminus.The X-Terminus would then proceed to destroy the entire Marvel Universe. We would learn this from the sole survivor of the last universe the X-Terminus destroyed, an alternate reality Wolverine.

In fact, there was a weird twist involved with the alternate reality Wolverine:

"We even had a subplot that would deal with that newly-arrived Wolverine," Morrison added, "who was married to the Jubilee from his reality. When he eventually meets our Jubilee, who's always had a crush on Logan (that was never reciprocated), and she meets this guy who's in love with her--both of them can't deal with it. She doesn't know how to take him, while he can't deal with the fact that this woman he cares for is not his wife. So there was also a history to create some emotional stuff around."

Kinda weird, right?

Anyhow, Marvel told them they couldn't use Professor X.

So the writers came up with a new concept.

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