'Evil Dead' Director Engulfed By 'Inferno'

Having recently completed a controversial but successful remake of the beloved Evil Dead, filmmaker Fede Alvarez is headed all the way to Hell for his next series of scares.

According to Deadline, the Uruguayan director is in talks with Universal Pictures to adapt Dante's Inferno, the Electronic Arts video game inspired by the 14th-century poem. The story centers on the knight Dante Aligheri and the poet Virgil as they venture into the depths of Hell to recuse Dante's lover Beatrice. But as the journey progresses, Dante's good intentions are challenged as he becomes embroiled in the eternal feud between the forces of Heaven and Hell.

Alvarez's adaptation comes equipped with a script written by Jay Basu, with Bruce McKenna having panned an earlier draft. There's no word on when Universal plans to put Dante's Inferno into motion.

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