The Flash: Everything You Need to Know Before S3

The Rise of Kid Flash

It's official: Kid Flash will arrive in Central City this fall. In July, The CW unveiled our first look at Keiynan Lonsdale's Wally West as Kid Flash, who makes his speedster debut in "Flashpoint," "The Flash" Season 3 premiere.

During the final episodes of "The Flash's" second season, Wally and Jesse Wells were both affected by a second particle accelerator explosion after Harrison Wells attempted to get Barry's speed back. Both were knocked out by the force of the explosion, but neither showed any speedster abilities before the season ended. However, it seems that will change when the show returns this fall.

"Kid Flash is a big part of 'Flashpoint,'" Lonsdale revealed at Comic-Con International in San Deigo.

"He's Kid Flash, so I try to play him with a real young, lighthearted cockiness to him," he shared. "He's in really good place mentally. He's never been more sure of himself."

"Wally is definitely in Joe's life," added Jesse L. Martin. "He's definitely Joe's son, but Wally's got a life that Joe knows nothing about." While Joe West will interact with Kid Flash, he won't know that the hero is his son, Wally.

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