The Flash: Everything You Need to Know Before S3

More on Caitlin's Background

Caitlin Snow has been a "Flash" mainstay since Season 1, but -- other than her romantic attachments and connections to the main cast -- the show hasn't revealed too much about her background. Season 2 teased a bit of her family life when she had a brief chat about her mother with Killer Frost, and the two women discussed how cold their mother was. Other than that, though, little to nothing is known about Caitlin's family life. However, all that will change once Season 3 rolls around.

"We haven't met Caitlin's mother yet. We got a little talk between the two women, which will probably play out in Season 3," teased executive producer Andrew Kreisberg.

True to Kreisberg's word, "Vampire Diaries" alum Susan Walters has since been cast as Carla Tannhauser, Caitlin's mother, who is described as a "world class biomedical engineer and CEO of a major research company." However, Caitlin won't exactly get along with her mother; she finds her mom "cold and withholding," while Carla thinks her daughter is "rebellious and ungrateful."

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