The Flash: Everything You Need to Know Before S3

Kevin Smith: Back for More

Fresh off of directing "The Flash" Season 2 episode "The Runaway Dinosaur," Kevin Smith will be back for more in Season 3. Warner Bros. has confirmed that Smith will direct the seventh episode of Season 3.

Smith has also expressed a desire to direct episodes for "Arrow" as well as Marvel Television's "Daredevil." Just this week, he discussed how he would bring the supervillain Onomatopoeia to the small screen; he and Phil Hester introduced the character during their 2002 run on "Green Arrow." The masked villain was notable for the way that he spoke all of his sound effects and the graphic design elements that accompanied them. Smith said he would love to introduce Onomatopoeia on "Arrow," but he hasn't heard from the show's team about making it happen.

Of course, if "Arrow" doesn't work out, Smith figures "maybe I could do it on 'Flash,' or 'Legends of Tomorrow,' or now 'Supergirl' as well. There's a couple of shows there."

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