Everything We Knew About Walking Dead's Zombies May Have Just Changed

"The Walking Dead" has had several moments when a character discovers something new about the way walkers function. The most notable incident occurred when Rick shot and killed a supposedly non-infected Shane, who soon reanimated a walker. This made it clear that everyone carries the virus that turns them into one of the undead once they die.

Or maybe not.

Last night, "The Walking Dead's" sister show, "Fear the Walking Dead," dropped its own bomb in the world of zombie science. After wandering through the desert near Tijuana, Nick falls in with a Mexican death cult, led by a doctor named Alejandro who's apparently survives being bitten.

Now, he could very well be lying. His bite scar could very well be from something that's not a walker. But it's far more exciting if he's telling the truth. That would mean that, contrary to Rick's discovery, not everyone carries the walker virus. Some people could be immune to it. We'll probably find out the truth in the coming weeks, but if Alejandro's being honest, the "Walking Deas" universe now feels a little less bleak. And would this revelation apply to the comic as well? Exciting stuff, so let's stay tuned.

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