Everything You Need To Know About Amazon's The Tick

the tick (amazon)

From comic to cartoon to prime-time sitcom to Amazon original series, The Tick has always featured super-sized bravado and powerful fun. And with the first season of its latest incarnation bounding toward its debut, CBR took to the press line of Comic-Con International in San Diego to speak to the cast and creators of this outlandish and outstanding new series. Here's everything you need to know in order to fully enjoy and appreciate the show.

This is Ben Edlund's baby

Edlund, who created the character and has had a hand in its every TV incarnation, was not on hand to speak to us at Comic-Con, but Michael Cerveris, who plays the nefarious Ramses IV, assured of this gritty reboot, "I think fans of the earlier incarnations will find plenty of things that'll feel familiar and there's certainly a lot of love and respect for all those incarnations."

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"Ben is so much a part of the creation of it all, he's overseeing every aspect of it," he said. "I feel like fans of it should feel like it's in safe hands because we're all fans of it."

We should all be more like The Tick

Playing the goofy but glorious hero the Amazon series is named for, English actor Peter Serafinowicz told us the secret to tapping into The Tick is "He's like a toddler who is inside the body of the Incredible Hulk. But he doesn't have the anger. He's totally positive, and up for anything. Some things do upset him, but not for long. He's got a very short attention span...He'll be reckless once in a while, but he's good fun. He enjoys having a laugh, and he enjoys fun. And he's up for it! He's up for going along for anything."

Arthur will be the heart of the series


Griffin Newman teased to CBR how his frightful hero (or sidekick) will grow over the course of Season 1, saying, "I think the growth is Arthur reluctantly accepting that he belongs in this world. There's a lot of refusal of 'The Call' on this show. I feel like see that a lot in movies and tv shows, the refusal of the call. It feels like it's happening that because a screenwriter wants it to, and you don't really buy that Ryan Reynolds would ever doubt himself."

"But Arthur has every reason in the world to doubt himself," Newman said, "People have doubted him his whole life. They've been telling him what he's not capable of. And physically, he doesn't belong in this sphere at all! So I think, it's him learning to believe in himself and be able to do the things that he innately has been capable of doing, and has maybe been destined to do his entire life."

Dot and Arthur's relationship will undergo a major shift

Valorie Curry, who plays Arthur's paramedic sister on the show, told us that Dot is "very grounded," and accepts that superheroes are real, but isn't awestruck over them, because the death of her father showed her that humans are just "collateral damage" to them. So, she's not going to be super stoked to learn that Arthur's cavorting around in a costume, fighting crime.

"But more than that, she's spent her entire adult life being a caregiver for her ostensibly mentally ill brother," Curry explained. "She's always put herself last, and she's always been put last. And her grief has always been on the back burner to take care of his. So even though she is incredibly capable--I mean she's really a badass--she's still had to anchor her life around Arthur. So if Arthur doesn't need her anymore, the question then becomes what's anchoring her? What's their relationship about?"

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