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Review: The latest CLAMP manga to make it to the U.S., Kobato, struck me as unbearably sweet, but Kate Dacey theorizes that it's really a clever parody of the entire moe genre.

Nomenclature: Helen McCarthy recounts the attempt of manga creator Shotaro Ishinomori to change the way the word "manga" is written in Japanese by changing the first character from one that means "random" or "involuntary" to one that means "a large number," suggesting the infinite possibilities of manga. The change never took.

Ass-kickin': Chuck Norris, eat your heart out. Ty Templeton lists seven comics creators with serious testosterone cred, through strength, courage, or just plain size (oh yes, and talent). (Via Blog@Newsarama.)


Fanzines: Ken Meyer, Jr., has another lengthy and fascinating post about an obscure fanzine up at Comic Attack; this time he looks at Graphic Illusions, which had exactly one issue—but what an issue!

Review: R.C. Harvey takes a look at IDW's reprint of the classic Life With Father newspaper strip.

Review: Guest reviewer month continues at Trouble with Comics with Tom Spurgeon's look at The Early Morning Milk Train.

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