Everyone's a Critic: A roundup of comic book reviews and thinkpieces

Manga: It's a Jason Thompson hat trick: The prolific editor and writer, and the author of Manga: The Complete Guide, has three recently published articles, and all are worth a look: At comiXology he sings the praises of Shaman King creator Hiroyuki Takei; at Anime News Network, he writes about the classic manga The Rose of Versailles, which tells the story of Marie Antoinette and her cross-dressing bodyguard; and at io9, he looks at five sexually twisted manga.

Roundtable: The Savage Critics get together to discuss Dan Clowes's Wilson, and how much they resemble (or don't resemble) the title character.

Art comix: Paul Gravett talks to John Broadley about his hand-crafted graphic mini-comics woven around bits and pieces that he finds at his day job at a clipping service.

Advice: Lauren Davis looks at a couple of diary comics and notes the importance of having some sort of overarching theme.

Criticism: Kate Dacey, chronicles the seven deadly scenes of reviewing—and admits she has committed a few herself.

Timing: David Welsh discusses the sometimes unexpected pacing in One Piece, noting that lead character Luffy achieves one milestone on the way to becoming King of the Pirates in just a chapter, rather than a volume.

Snark: Chris Eckert retells Identity Crisis from the culprit's point of view. Warning: Spoiler!

Conversation: Translator Jocelyn Allen, blogger Deb Aoki, retailer Christopher Butcher, and editors Erik Ko, Dan Nadel, and Ryan Sands got together at TCAF for a panel on indie manga, and Deb has the transcript for your reading pleasure.

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