Everyone's A Critic: A roundup of comic book reviews and thinkpieces

• You've probably already seen it by now, but if you haven't, let me point you towards Abhay Khosla's rather Freudian review of Dark Reign: The List -- X-Men #1:

The obvious conclusion to draw from DARK REIGN: THE LIST-- X-MEN #1 is that at the close of 2009, a woman with an appetite for sex is apparently the very definition of fear and horror for Marvel comic creators and their audience.

I would diagnose such a belief as gynophobia.

Tucker Stone and Joe McCulloch start talking about the week's comics, realize they didn't read anything that came out last week, and end up discussing how horrible it must be to be an ordinary citizen in Metropolis.

• Looking for a good graphic novel gift guide to get you through the holidays? Douglas Wolk has what you need.

Craig Fischer asks three questions about The Art of Harvey Kurtzman.

Richard Bruton reads the Thorgal saga and declares "I think I've reached my limit."

Ed Sizemore reviews the second volume of A Distant Neighborhood: " I wish I could afford to buy hundreds of copies to hand out at comic conventions."

• And in case you wanted to know about Volume 1, Derik Badman's got you covered.

Dave Ferraro examines Crumb's Genesis adaptation: "the overall package bored me."

Kelson Vibber considers Blackest Night: Flash an improvement over Flash: Rebirth.

Heidi's right, this is a great review.

Darkseid Was. Taylor Shares Violent, Bloody #DCEASED Art

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