Everyone's a Critic | A roundup of comic book reviews and thinkpieces

Biochemist/manga adaptor Lianne Sentar looks at three manga series that get the science right (well mostly) and are still entertaining.

Noah Berlatsky thinks he has settled the question of what is and isn't a comic once and for all, and he makes a pretty good case, but the commenters manage to have a lively argument anyway.

Librarians Eva Volin and Robin Brenner discuss all 10 volumes of Emma, and they jump right in with a discussion of full frontal nudity.

Jog takes a look at the many forms and uses of the thought balloon, which, despite an editor's admonition to Stephen King, is far from dead. Scott McCloud adds his two cents as well. Related: Chris Sims explains exactly what's wrong with the lettering in the Twilight graphic novel.

Sean Kleefeld explains why he prefers comics to television: It's an individual voice as opposed to a collaboration.

At Manga Bookshelf, Melinda Beasi convenes a bloggers' roundtable on the first two volumes of Banana Fish.

Rob McMonigal re-reads the first volume of Christy Lijewski's RE:play and decides he was right the first time.

David Welsh discusses the narrative techniques that make One Piece so addictive.

Dan Abnett Returns to Marvel Cosmic in Annihilation Event Series

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