Everyone's a Critic: A round-up of comic reviews and thinkpieces

* Jeet Heer and Kent Worcester talk about their latest book, The Comic Studies Reader, among a myriad number of other things, on the Inkstuds podcast.

* Speaking of podcasts, The Comics Journal has posted a panel discussion between Dark Horse editors Philip Simon and Carl Horn, Funimation’s Adam Sheenan and Japanamerica author Roland Kelts on the state of the manga and anime industries that took place during Sakura-Con in Seattle.

* There's a new site in town, Comic Book Critics, which collects reviews of various comics and then assigns them a score from 1-10 based on the consensus, a la Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic.

* Mark Seigel and the rest of the First Second staff review the new Scott Pilgim book, comic book style!

* Jog liked the Spirit movie, sorta:

It does no good to compare this film to other superhero movies, even the stringent adaptation of Sin City or the glossy evocation of 300, let alone Iron Man or whatnot. This is more along the lines of Gilbert Hernandez's The Naked Cosmos, or Mike Allred's Astroesque, or some other absurdly individual project by a comics artist diving into filmmaking, even though Miller had a far larger budget. It's still uniquely redolent with singular vision, one that doesn't conform to what today's superhero movies ought to necessarily look like.

* Tom Spurgeon is on fire this week, with a glowing review of Gabrielle Bell's Cecil and Jordan in New York and a stellar take-down of Wolverine: Prodigal Son:

Our hero shows himself to be talented yet headstrong, ignores the occasional entreaties from those who care about him, meets a few reversals, rewards some of the patience his friends and surrogate family had invested in him and then launches himself on a quest. That's not a plot; that's a game you play with your brothers in the back of a station wagon on the way to Disney World. The fact that the protagonist has a healing factor and difficult hair as opposed to being a robot and owning a magic penguin simply wasn't enough for me to get past the basics: this is Wolverine as played by Justin Chatwin, and a manga adventure story as created by MangaMakerTron 3000. No thank you very much.

* Sean Collins comes not to bury Knightfall, but to praise it.

* The Onion's AV Club does their usual review round-up, this time talking about Seaguy, The Muppet Show and the new LOEG book.

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