Everyone's A Critic: A round-up of comic-related reviews and thinkpieces

* Let's start things off with Kristy Valenti, who examines the Seven Stages of the Comics Critic:

Everyone is familiar with this phase in its various forms: passionate defense of one's favorite superheroes, even (and especially) from those currently cartooning them, leading to message-board brawling; the realization that it's easy to snark crappy comics, of which there are legion in all genres and from all countries; long, slightly combative conversations with relatives about how even the New York Times literary establishment has embraced the medium; railing against the current comics (and comics criticism) establishment. This is also the phase in which the danger of style over substance looms, if a critic becomes more concerned with flashy, rather than solid, writing.

* The AV Club's Noel Murray has some interesting thoughts on Tom Spurgeon's list of top 10 important comic book series. Spurgeon offers some follow-up thoughts in response here.

* Lissa Pattillo posts what I think is the first review of The Color of Water, the second volume in Kim Dong Hwa's manwha trilogy.

* Both Nina Stone and the Oregonian's Steve Duin think Kick-Ass is awesome.

* Sean T. Collins includes Phoebe Glockner's Diary of a Teenage Girl in his ongoing Favorites series: "Heartbreak and rage: that's what I feel when I read this book."

* Curt Purcell peruses Doug Wolk's Reading Comics and declares it good: "Basically, I'm enough of an outsider to find a lot of the current comics scene puzzling, but enough of an insider to have a fairly precise sense of what I don't understand. And that's what makes Wolk's book so worthwhile for me."

* Andrew Wheeler reviews a whole mess o' manga.

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