Everyone's A Critic: A round-up of comic book reviews and thinkpieces

• Are we in danger of a Webcomics sensory overload? That's the question Abhay Khosla asks in his own inimitable fashion. (Warning: this post is a bit of an image-heavy memory hog.)

• The Hooded Utilitarian folks are doing another roundtable discussion. This time it's on Clamp's xxxHolic series, with special guests Adam Stephanides and Katherine Dacey chiming in.

• The illustrious Marc Singer seems to have returned to blogging once again, with an essay on Scott McCloud's Making Comics that originally ran in the International Journal of Comic Art.

Dan Nadel looks at what made Alex Raymond special.

• My, what a big pocketbook you've got there Richie Rich!

The AV Club does their monthly round-up of notable comics, including Daybreaker, Pim & Francie and The Talisman.

• Speaking of round-ups, let's note that Tucker Stone's Comics of the Weak feature is back and running full throttle.

Shaenon Garrity gets all nostalgic for Wizard magazine's hey day. OK, not really.

• Both Johanna Draper Carlson and David Welsh recommend All My Darling Daughters. Welsh also takes a look at the work of Natsume Ono over at CR.

• Finally, John Seven enjoyed the first volume of The Unwritten more than I did.

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