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Recommendations: Kate Dacey lists ten manhwa (Korean comics) you shouldn't miss, and it's an amazingly diverse list, encompassing romances, mythology, and stories as diverse as Priest, Shaman Warrior, and Run, Bong-gu, Run!

Informed snark: Chris Allen and Alan David Doane go after the Eisner nominations at Trouble with Comics.

Clobbering: When Tom Spurgeon hates a comic, he really hates it. In this case, it's Rhubarb, the Millionaire Cat:

The cascade of pages may feel like punishment, but it's a punishment doled out by a very fair person who is going to not let you out of the corner until the second that minute hand hits twelve. I'm not sure anyone would do a comic this bad for this many pages now.

And that's one if its charms. Bonus points to Tom for being familiar with the writer, H. Allen Smith, and his timeless tome Low Man on a Totem Pole (which I own and love).

Commentary: Christopher Butcher liveblogs as he reads this month's Previews (part 1, part 2).

Creators: Dash Shaw explains Bodyworld, more or less, to io9's Cyriaque Lamar.

Review: "One almost gets the sense that everyone involved knew that this was a minor work, but a story still worth telling": Rob Clough reviews Gene Luen Yang's Prime Baby.

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