Everyone's A Critic: A round-up of comic book reviews and thinkpieces

• Another day, another stellar review for David Mazzucchelli's Asterios Polyp. This time it's Dan Kois for New York magazine, who calls the book "a great graphic novel" and "a masterpiece."

• Got some time to kill? Then you might want to check out this lengthy series of posts critiquing the entire 28-volume run of the seminal samurai manga Lone Wolf and Cub. (found via Spurgeon)

Frank Santoro dubs Mat Brinkman's Multiforce "terrifyingly good and an indispensable record of possibly the most important serialized comics of the post-Ware era."

Jog declares Daisuke Igarashi's Children of the Sea "a fairly lovely production."

Johanna Draper Carlson calls Posey Simmonds's Gemma Bovery "engrossing, even watching people make stupid wrong decisions, it’s a page-turner."

Brian Heater thinks Fred Chao's Johnny Hiro is "a rollicking love letter to boundary-less pop-culture, which, by the end, has embraced everything from Night Court to Brand Nubian."

Sandy Bilus uses Hellboy Vol. 6 Strange Places to look at how colorist Dave Stewart uses specific palettes to strong effect.

Rob Clough reads Everyone Is Stupid Except for Me and wonders if Peter Bagge isn't a modern-day Mencken.

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