Everyone's A Critic: A round-up of comic book reviews and thinkpieces

Trying to play catch-up on some of the more notable reviews this week. My apologies if I missed anything.

Bookforum has what I believe is the first review of Robert Crumb's Genesis book, penned by Jeet Heer no less. The magazine also has a review of Asterios Polyp by Dan Nadel and a look at "oddball manga" by Jog.

• Wowzers, the mighty Ng Suat Tong is blogging over at the Hooded Utilitarian! His first post (which looks to be part of an ongoing series0 is spent looking at the critics' various responses to Dash Shaw's Bottomless Belly Button.

David Welsh is still crazy about Astral Project.

Rob Clough looks at two new books from Sparkplug — Neptune and Sausage Hand.

Guest blogger Sean Collins reviews the fourth issue of Flash: Rebirth. So, for that matter, does the Speed Force blog.

Greg McElhatton disagrees with me about the Lunch Lady books.

Paul Buhle really liked Carol Tyler's You'll Never Know.

Graeme McMillan looks at how John Byrne changed the X-Men and superhero comics.

Matthew Brady is kinda "meh" on The Haunted Life of Doctor Anomalous.

Similar to Heer's review, I think Tom Spurgeon's review of Jack Survives is the first out the gate. It's certainly the only one I've seen so far.

Johanna Draper Carlson declares Vol. 6 of Bizenghast a winner.

Tim O'Neil heralds the return of Ann Nocenti to Daredevil in issue #500.

Johnny Bacardi tears through some recent comic books.

Derik Badman reads a book about reading comics (French comics, specifically). Ouroboros anyone?

Venom: Cult of Carnage Reveals Cletus Kassady's Big Plan for the Marvel U

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