Everyone's a Critic: A round-up of comic book reviews and thinkpieces

• Let's start off with Jeet Heer's short piece on the cult of Nancy. It really is all about Nancy, isn't it?

• Also at Comics Comics: Dash Shaw re-examines a panel he was on at TCAF on alternative and mainstream comics.

• The Hooded Utlilitarian blog, which never met a critical roundtable it didn't like, is doing a series of posts on French comics. I like the name of the series.

• I would be remiss if I didn't point to our new fellow Robot 6er Sean Collins' review of Kazimir Strzepek's ongoing fantasy series, The Mourning Star.

Xavier Xerexes examines Jeff Smith's Bone spin-off Rose: "For any fan of the Bone series I would recommend this book."

• Jog reviews Bryan Talbot's latest opus, Grandville, and then looks at the new Surrogates film and how it relates to the comics industry.

• Bookslut's Martyn Pedler wonders if Image's recent series of Ted McKeever hardcover reprints aren't more suited to the artist's work than the original pamphlets were.

• It's not a review, but this seems as good a place to post Susie Cagle's critique of SPX as any.

• Writing for Guttergeek, Elizabeth Hewitt has nice things to say about A.D. New Orleans: "What was so splendid about A.D. is that it gives us such a multi-faceted portrait of responses to catastrophe and with no moralizing as to whose story was braver, about who did the right or wrong thing."

Jen Vaughn enjoyed Corinne Mucha's My Every Single Thought: "These are great stories woven together by a young, masterful cartoonist."

Christopher Allen reviews Black Salt #1 and Masterpiece Comics in one fell swoop.

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