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Everybody’s Somebody’s Baby – Day One

by  in Comic News Comment
Everybody’s Somebody’s Baby – Day One

Okay, so we had the Top 100 Marvel and DC Characters List. I even went a little further, and showed you the NEXT hundred on the list. But what about those characters that were less supported? THEY have their fans, too, right? So this week, each day I’m going to take a look at some characters who made only ONE ballot – but were chosen FIRST on that ballot.


The Blob – 10 points (1 first place vote)

Frederick J. Dukes, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the pages of The X-Men, was always a bit of a joiner.

Magneto wants him on a team?


Mystique is putting together a group?

Count the Blob in!!

The government wants to hire them?


The…TOAD is putting together a team?

Apparently the Blob is there!!

Professor X formed a team?!!?

Okay…still, the Blob is there.

Wait…BANSHEE forms a team and the Blob is still there?!?

Apparently (and yes, I understand the Blob was coerced to join Banshee’s team – it’s still funny!)

Sadly, the Blob was basically the only mutant to lose his powers after the House of M without getting them back.

Here is why Mark Mills had the Blob numero uno on his list…

Out of all the characters in the Marvel Universe, why in God’s name would I pick the Blob? Frankly it’s not for anything that he’s actually done. Ever since his first appearance in X-Men #3 (the very same issue that Comic Book Guy compares to Marge Simpson’s breast implants), no two writers seem to agree on his power, his personality, or even his origin. Fred J. Dukes gains and loses super-strength when the story calls for it, alters his speech patterns for the purposes of the writer’s whims, and either was born with his powers (in non-mutant fashion) or developed them at puberty like the rest of the X-people.

But, if I hit the literary lottery and could write a book about any Marvel character, I’d pick the Blob. Just explaining his complete lack of continuity would be more entertaining than a lot of comics I could mention.

My irrational connection with Fred started back in 1996 at the World Fantasy Convention in Schaumburg, Illinois. As I was lounging about, drinking a beer, Neil Gaiman made his appearance, followed by an adoring entourage. I couldn’t help thinking that if Gaiman was a real-life equivalent to Dream/Morpheus, I’d have to be a fat loser like the Blob (the Kingpin being too snappy a dresser).

While Superman might represent a comic reader’s fantasy, the Blob is a sad reality: a slob who has had his ass handed to him by the X-Men, the Avengers, the Hulk, Spiderman, and Rom, but never gives up. . . except now due to House of M, apparently he has given up, powerless and possibly dead. But mark my words, even if he is really dead, that won’t stop the Blob! The Blob is the insane optimism of someone who doesn’t know when to quit.

The Blob is me.

The Blob is all of us.

Thanks, Mark!!

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