'Everybody take a deep breath, all your favorite comics remain unchanged'

As investors, creators and fans reel from this morning's news of Disney's $4 billion purchase of Marvel Entertainment, message boards churn with hand-wringing and wild speculation. Twitter, meanwhile, emerges as a calm spot.

"G' morning, Marvel U!" tweets Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. "Welcome to this moment in history. Everyone relax, this is incredible news and all is well in the Marvel U. ... Everybody take a deep breath, all your favorite comics remain unchanged and Tom Brevoort remains grouchy.

"If you're familiar with the Disney/Pixar relationship," he continues, "then you'll understand why this is a new dawn for Marvel and the comics industry."

But as Quesada and talent liaison C.B. Cebulski set about easing concerns, others turn their attention to what's really important: the creation of a meme detailing the ramifications of the merger of the House of Mouse with the House of Ideas.

My favorites so far: "Howl's Moving Frank Castle" and "Hannah Montana: Herald of Galactus."

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