Super Bowl 2018's Most-Likely Trailer Debuts

super bowl 2018 will have something for everyone. this sunday, alongside pulse-raising kicks and the deafening cheering of passionate football fans, you'll be witness to the premiere of several epic trailers for this year's most highly-anticipated films and television shows. not all films, of course. fox recently announced that they would not be participating in the rousing barrage of film teasers and sneak peeks, which means we won't be seeing anything for x-men: dark phoenix or deadpool 2.

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that being said, there are still a plethora of great trailers we know will show this weekend. universal, paramount pictures and disney -- the latter of which, as you may remember, owns marvel studios -- have promised trailers and tv spots this sunday. just for those of you who are unsure of what to expect from them, this is for you.

black panther

by now, quite a lot of people would have already had a chance to get a good look at the upcoming black panther. get ready for just one more, just in time to reignite interest in the film before its release in a week's time on february 16th. you just know that the trailer will include more breathtaking shots of wakanda, more fantastic angles of the suit and -- with any luck -- a better look at andy serkis' klaw in action.

ant-man and the wasp

we know that marvel studios has a lot of films premiering this year but another ant-man and the wasp trailer so soon after the last? maybe not a new one per se, but there's a good chance that the trailer or tv spot that does show during the super bowl will expand on some of the scenes we saw in the debut trailer. it's possible that we'll see just a tiny bit more of ghost, bill foster or at least whether or not that hello kitty pez dispenser actually did any damage on that street so we'll have enough to tide us over until the film's premiere in july.

jurassic world: fallen kingdom

those looking for a bit of nostalgia and animalistic horror have reason to stay tuned to the super bowl as well because we're likely to see a new trailer for jurassic world: fallen kingdom, the sequel to universal's 2015 blockbuster film. there is little doubt that the trailer will show us a little more of the t-rex, a classic in the jurassic park franchise, and of course, the raptors, a new fan-favorite.

mission impossible: fallout

speaking of nostalgia, july 27th will see another entry in the mission impossible franchise with mission impossible: fallout, continuing the epic story of superspy, ethan hunt. paramount pictures already gave us a small taste of the film with a sneak peek, showcasing a dapper looking tom cruise and henry cavill and promising a trailer on sunday. we're eager to see how the trailer will present what is clearly a new direction for the franchise.

avengers: infinity war

arguably the most highly-anticipated of them all is avengers: infinity war, the end of the marvel cinematic universe as we know it and the beginning of something new. fans all over the world are eager to see more of thanos and hoping for just a hint about which of their heroes will meet their demise. with any luck, some of our questions will be answered this sunday in a tv spot or two, otherwise, we'll just have to wait until may.


understandably, you may not have heard much about this film. basically, it's dwayne johnson leaping into a burning tower in hong kong. in universal picture's skyscraper, dwayne johnson plays an ex-fbi hostage rescue team leader who now assesses buildings for safety and security. there aren't a whole lot of details but if big, fun hostage-thrillers are your thing, you'll want to catch the premiere of their first trailer on sunday.

westworld - season 2

along with the previews for summer blockbusters, we can expect to see the trailer for the long-awaited second season of westworld, which will return to hbo in the spring. according to a new report, the trailer that premieres during the super bowl will feature exclusive footage. that is, footage exclusive to the trailer. for fans whose minds were blown by the ending of the last season, you're definitely going to want to catch this.

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