The Fiend Defeated: Every Superstar the WWE Can Use to Beat Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt's new gimmick as the Fiend took some warming up to but now he's become quite a powerhouse in WWE. Initially, with Bray placed in a comedic act in his Firefly Fun House, fans wondered how long he could keep this schtick interesting. But once his dark alter-ego was unleashed, it became clear the Fiend was being molded as the company's next big thing.

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After a feud with Seth Rollins, it did seem like Vince McMahon's creative team was trying to push him as the new Undertaker, but at Crown Jewel, despite receiving multiple Curb Stomps in a no-holds-barred match, the Fiend beat Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship. It was quite a shock, and after being transferred from RAW to the Smackdown brand, he's gone from strength to strength, with a successful title defense over Daniel Bryan at Survivor Series cementing him as the new dog on the block.

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With that in mind, let's look at who creative can use to defeat the masked wrestler.


The Fiend might be the new dog, but Reigns has constantly proven he's the "Big Dog." He's held every major belt in the company, including the Fiend's championship, which he won off Brock Lesnar in SummerSlam last year. However, Reigns relinquished the title and announced his hiatus on RAW, revealing his leukemia had returned after 11 years of privately battling it and being in remission.

In other words, the storyline basically writes itself: Reigns never lost this title, meaning he could lay claim to it. He also won the Survivor Series match for Team Smackdown by taking out NXT's Keith Lee so that in and of itself gives him free rein to challenge anybody at any time for any title. WWE has tried to push Reigns as the face of the company. Plus, with fans not booing him as much anymore, this rivalry would feel organic, helped by the fact both wrestlers have put on amazing matches before.


Strowman, as much as he's a fan-favorite and the resident monster of the company, is yet to own a major individual belt in WWE. He's won the Raw Tag Team Championship, the 2018 Money in the Bank and this year's André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. But creative felt he wasn't ready for this particular belt when he faced Lesnar in the past.

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Now, though, knowing the fans love seeing him get a push, he could well be the anti-hero meant to feud with the sadistic Fiend. What makes this so enticing is Bray was actually the one to bring him to the WWE main roster as the giant enforcer for the Wyatt Family, and when they faced off in the past, the roars pretty much shook the arena. Their history would add nuance to a rivalry, and with Strowman's mic work improving, now could finally be his chance to claim the spotlight. The Fiend already ambushed him once on RAW to prove a point to Rollins, so you can bet Strowman is looking for revenge.


Nakamura might hold the Intercontinental Championship at present but the rumor mill has consistently linked him with a move back to New Japan Pro Wrestling. His supporters don't believe he's gotten fair treatment in WWE as an A-list superstar, despite winning the 2018 Royal Rumble. He's held the NXT Championship and the United States Championship before, but in order to keep him satisfied, WWE might be willing to let him take this big belt off the Fiend.

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"King of the Strong Style," Nakamura may not have the power of Reigns or Strowman, but he's a technical magician like Bray. This would definitely go a long way to tie him to the company and also do wonders for sales and tours in Asia. It's unlikely Vince and Co. will let Nakamura leave easily knowing AEW would want to poach him, and with Sami Zayn as his hype man now, the language problem has been solved, which paves the way for Nakamura to rise to elite status at long last.


In 2015, Bray lost to The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Months later, Kane returned to his brother's side and the Brothers of Destruction took Bray and Luke Harper out in a tag team match at Survivor Series. Nonetheless, fans lapped up the theatrics of their rivalry and, seeing as the Fiend is an evolved Bray, the third time could be the charm for him to take the Undertaker out.

The Fiend is even using 'Taker's rise-up-from-the-grave move so this could be a chance for the Dead Man to teach Bray the lesson he clearly hasn't learned yet. Their dynamic has always been pretty badass and, seeing how gothic the Fiend is now, along with the fact Bray can adapt to the brawling style the older Undertaker has adopted, this would indeed be a fanboy's dream.

We can see Vince letting an older face hold the belt temporarily as he did let Goldberg take this title off Lesnar. So, even if it's a one-off win for 'Taker, it'd still be a win-win as it'd enhance the mystique of the Fiend and allow him a rematch to reclaim the belt later on and prove to everyone he's not just the supernatural star of WWE; he's the new face of death.

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